Training Workshop on Nuclear Fuel and Core Design

During May 18 – 22, 2015, the specialists of CRCD NFC STE, with the assistance of the United States Department of Energy, held a joint workshop with the specialists of National Nuclear Center (NNC) in Kurchatov (Republic of Kazakhstan) to discuss the following topics related to the design analyses, currently used for safety substantiation of VVER reactors:
- Criticality calculations for nuclear fuel storage systems for nuclear safety substantiation; fuel depletion calculations using the SCALE software package;
- Preparation of temperature-dependent absorption cross-sections and neutron kinetics modeling using the MCNPX programs;
- Application of the package ANSYS Fluent for modeling thermal physical processes in reactors for analysis and use in design analyses;
- Application of the Code RELAP5 for system analysis of reactor behavior under emergency conditions and in reactor safety analysis.
Meeting with NNC stuff

The workshop covered two directions simultaneously: nuclear design calculations and safety analysis, and thermal physics. The workshop aroused great interest. We have already held such workshops with the NNC experts and have established friendly relations with them. The workshop has demonstrated high professional qualification of the NNC specialists. We are grateful to the NNC administration for the opportunity to hold the workshop and for the excellent organization of the event.
The main objective of the workshop was to acquaint and discuss with the NNC specialists the basic methods currently used for safety analysis of VVER reactors in Ukraine.
The possibility of building and operation of nuclear power plants is widely discussed now in Kazakhstan, and such workshops will help the Kazakh experts to provide technical evaluation of proposed nuclear power plant projects in future.

During the workshop...
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