U.S. DOE UNFQP Manager James Cannon IV is handing a US flag to CRCD. 2003
President of Westinghouse. 2001
 Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V. Baryakhtar visiting CRCD. 2000
UNFQP founding fathers: K. Carlson, R. Latorre, R. Libby, and J. Cannon. 2000 U.S. DOE UNFQP Manager J. Cannon, Head of the Directorate for Fuel Cycles of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine A. Afanasyev, and SUNPP Deputy Chief Engineer A. Semyonov. 2000
English language classes at CRCD. 2001 A UNFQP meeting. 2002
Awarding of the Quality Management System compliance certificate. 2008 President of Ukraine L. Kuchma. 2004.
Kharkov Region Governor Ye. Kushnaryov. 2004 U.S. Ambassador R. Pascual. 2003
Trade Union Central Committee visiting CRCD 2003 Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine S. Tulub 2000


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