Currently, 3 Ukrainian NPP units completely operate Westinghouse (USA) fuel

On June 28, the activities to reload nuclear fuel at SUNPP Unit 2 were completed with participation of NFC STE NSC KIPT specialists, and Russian fuel was completely replaced with Westinghouse (USA) fuel. Thus two of the three units of the plant fully operate Westinghouse fuel.

This was announced on 30 June by SE NNEGC “Energoatom” Press Center.».

«“On June 28, Ukraine’s Constitution Day, an important and significant work stage was completed at the South Ukraine NPP Unit 2: during the outage, 163 modified fuel assemblies (RWFA) were loaded into the unit core. Thus, already two 1000 MWe reactors at South-Ukraine NPP and one at Zaporizhzhya NPP operate exclusively this fuel (SUNPP Unit 3 was fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel in July 2018, ZNPP Unit 5 was fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel in December 2019)”, reports the SE NNEGC “Energoatom” Press Center.».

SE NNEGC “Energoatom”emphasized the importance of this event. Currently, Westinghouse fuel is operated in 2 units of SE South Ukraine NPP and 4 units of SE Zaporizhzhya NPP, with 3 units fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel (SUNPP Units 2 and 3 and ZNPP Unit 5).

This was made possible through the implementation of the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project (UNFQP),.

The Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project started in 2000 after conclusion of the agreement between the US and Ukrainian governments. Within the framework of the Project, Center for Reactor Core Design (CRCD) was established on the basis of NFC STE NSC KIPT. After successful completion of the Project in 2015, the staff of NFC STE NSC KIPT and CRCD continues to provide scientific and technical support for implementation and operation of Westinghouse fuel assemblies at Ukrainian NPP units, and for expanding operation of Westinghouse fuel assemblies. As a result of these activities, Westinghouse fuel is currently being operated in six nuclear power units in Ukraine.

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