U.S. DOE UNFQP Manager James Cannon IV is handing a US flag to CRCD. 2003
 Opening of CRCD, on Junes, 2 2000
 Minister of Coal Industry Serhiy Tulub, V. Uglov - Head of Fuel and Energy Complex of Kharkov Regional State Administration and a representative of Kharkov Regional Council, 2000
 President of the company "Westinghouse". 2001
 Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine academician V.G. Baryakhtar at the CRCD. 2000.
Founders of UNFQP: K. Carlsson, R. Latorre, R. Libby, J. Cannon. 2000 Acceptance of premises at CRCD, June 2, 2000. J. Cannon, A. Afanasyev, A. Semenov.
Deputy Chief of the Mission, U.S. Embassy Marie Yovanovitch. 2001 г. Umanec M., 2000
Classes in English at the CRCD. 2001 At one of the meetings on UNFQP. 2002
Secretary of the US Embassy. 2003 President of Ukraine L.Kuchma. 2004.
Governor of the Kharkiv region E.Kushnaryov. 2004 US Ambassador R. Pascual. 2003
Visit to the CRCD by a delegation of the Central Committee of Trade Unions. 2003 Inbound TVS control. 2005
Delivery of the certificate of conformity of the quality management system. 2008 SNRIU experts. 2012.
Director of SSTC NRS Shevchenko I.A., Chairman of the SNRIU Bozhko S.G., Shepichak A.V. 2016 Specialists of CRCD. 2017 г.
Yulia Svetlichnaya, governor of the Kharkiv region, presented the memorial award to the chief engineer of the CPAZ project Akif Abdullaev for a significant contribution to the development of science in Ukraine Westinghouse 1000 TVS is delivered to Ukraine
Charter Seminozhenko V.


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