NFC STE NSC KIPT celebrates its 30 th anniversary!

On April 18, 2024, the team of the “Nuclear Fuel Cycle” Science and Technology Establishment of NSC KIPT celebrated its 30 th anniversary. NFC STE NSC KIPT was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 23.02.94 No 64/94 to provide scientific and technical support to the nuclear power industry of Ukraine. NFC STE was headed by Volodymyr Krasnorutskyy, a known expert and promoter of science in the field of radiation materials science and nuclear reactor physics.

The NFC STE team, under the leadership of Volodymyr Krasnorutskyy, has gone a long way from its creation to becoming a leader and now plays a key role in supporting Ukraine's nuclear power industry.

Since the beginning of 2000s, more than 300 technical reports and materials have been developed to substantiate safe operation of Westinghouse fuel assemblies.

NFC STE specialists take part in all activities related to the life cycle of Westinghouse nuclear fuel for Ukrainian VVER-1000 reactors, starting with the fresh fuel supply to NPP site and up to the inspection of its condition after each year of operation, as well as in the activities on substantiation of long-term storage in the dry storage facility.

Under the conditions of martial law, the entity continues its fruitful operation, including the development of engineering documentation for the domestic production of control and protection system (CPS) absorber elements and absorber rods for Ukrainian NPPs, and started working on substantiation of the use of Westinghouse fuel at other Ukrainian NPPs. A number of activities have been performed to substantiate implementation of RWFA fuel assemblies at Unit 3 and receiving a reload batch (42 fuel assemblies) of Westinghouse fuel at the NPP site. In the near future, SSTC experts will complete the preliminary study for RNPP Unit 4. There are more activities to be performed for one power unit of the Rivne NPP and two power units of the Khmelnytsky NPP.

The NSC team is taking every effort to achieve a common goal - the development of nuclear energy in Ukraine!

In recognition of the anniversary, Volodymyr Krasnorutskyy, Volodymyr Baydulin and Valeriy Zuyok were awarded Honorary Diplomas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

There was also held a celebratory meeting of the NFC STE Scientific and Technical Council in a mixed format, where Volodymyr Krasnorutskyy congratulated the team on the anniversary, made a presentation of the history and all the challenges encountered along the way of NFC STE establishment and evolution. A number of employees were awarded diplomas in recognition of their many years of fruitful work and significant contribution.


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