V.M. Voyevodin International Scientific and Technical Conference "Problems of Modern Nuclear Energy"

April 17-19, Karazin University hosted the V.M. Voyevodin International Scientific and Technical Conference Problems of Modern Nuclear Energy.

The conference started with greetings by Anton Panteleimonov, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Mykola Azarenkov, Acting Director General of NSC Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology of the NAS of Ukraine, and Volodymyr Krasnorutskyy, Director of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Science and Technology Establishment of NSC KIPT of the NAS of Ukraine.

The proceedings were continued by speakers moderated by Konstantin Lobach (KIPT), Serhiy Lytovchenko (Karazin Kharkiv National University), and Oleksandr Khomych (Khmelnytsky NPP).

The conference was conducted in a mixed online and offline format and addressed the most important aspects of nuclear physics and nuclear energy. Presentations were made by scientists from several dozen research institutions,
higher education establishments, and nuclear industry enterprises.

The team of NFC STE NSC KIPT presented 7 reports:
1.1 Nuclear fuel cycle in the strategy of Ukraines nuclear energy development until 2050.
       Speaker: Volodymyr Krasnorutskyy

1.2 Materials science analysis of RCCA structural materials to extend their service life. Valeriy Zuyok, Oleksandr Mazurok, Oleh Godun, Mykola Chaikovskyy, Mykhailo Tretiakov.
       Speaker: Valeriy Zuyok

1.3 Review of the methods for synthesis, preparation of powders and pellets of materials based on compounds of rare earth elements with titanium, hafnium and zirconium as advanced neutron absorbers for nuclear reactors. I. Chernov, S. Malykhin.
     Speaker: Ihor Chernov

1.4 Cooling of absorber rods and determination of significant temperatures to substantiate safe operation. Valeriy Zuyok, Volodymyr Gann, Volodymyr Zigunov, Albert Dzhamirzoyev, Oleksandr Mazurok, Oleh Godun, Anton Makarenko.
       Speaker: Albert Dzhamirzoyev

1.5 Investigation of phase formation during synthesis of hafnium diboride under vacuum sintering conditions. Ye. Legenkyy, V. Romankov, I. Chernov, S. Kolodiy, O. Pylypenko.
       Speaker: Yehor Legenkyy

1.6 Analysis of reports discrediting the introduction of Westinghouse nuclear fuel at Ukrainian NPPs, I. Chernov, A. Kushtym, V. Grytsyna, V. Zyuok, R. Rud.
       Speaker: Anton Kushtym

1.7 The effect of cyclic temperature changes in zirconium alloy fuel rod claddings on hydride reorientation, G. Ryedkina, O. Slabospytska, V. Grudnitskyy, A. Dzhamirzoev.
       Speaker: Ganna Ryedkina


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