We are 20!!!

On April 18, 2014 NFC STE NSC KIPT celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment.

In the past years:
- The main activities under the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project were completed with NFC STE participation;- NFC STE developed a manufacturing technology and fabricated over 5,500 absorber rods for safe storage of Ukraine’s spent WWER-1000 nuclear fuel in ZNPP dry storages.(see more);

- NFC STE carried out comprehensive research into effects of the primary coolant composition with additions of zinc and aluminum on WWER-1000 stainless steel and zirconium alloy corrosion processes.
- NFC STE studied the effects of KOH and LiOH corrective additives to the coolant on corrosion of nuclear fuel materials in the form of fuel rods, absorber rods, and fuel assemblies.



- NFC STE has been studying the phenomena accounting for fuel rod clad degradation during spent nuclear fuel handling and its long-term dry storage.
- Development of the nuclear fuel in the form of fuel rods and fuel assemblies for the “Neutron Source” subcritical nuclear facility constructed at NSC KIPT is in its final stage.

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