SU NPP Core Reload

In June, NFC STE specialists participated in SU NPP Unit 2 core loading. NFC STE specialists monitored core reload operations step by step according to recommended core reload sequences. Special attention was paid to control of unloading forces and velocity during FA unloading from fresh fuel containers and fuel storage pool, as well as FA loading forces and velocity, and impact (force) in the bottom support tube. Besides, NFC STE specialists monitored structural integrity of FAs, their design position and abnormal corrosion effects. Such special attention is due to the fact that unmodified previous design WFAs are used together with RWFAs at the SUNPP Unit 2. During the 2012 outage, the FAs of this design were damaged during mixed core loading with TVSA + WFA.

Reloading of the SUNPP Unit 2 core, which includes RWFA and WFA, was performed successfully without any unexpected complications and issues.

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