Congratulations to a NFC STE NFC KIPT staff member for successfully defending his PhD thesis.

NFC STE NSC KIPT team congratulates Valeriy Zuyok for successfully defending his PhD thesis “Influence of thermomechanical treatment on physical and mechanical properties and radiation and corrosion resistance of metallic hafnium”.

In the thesis, an important scientific problem was solved of establishing physical regularities in the structure and texture changes of hafnium rods depending on the deformation type ("hot", "warm", and «cold") and parameters, as well as on the parameters of subsequent thermal treatment of hafnium rods. There were obtained dependencies of mechanical properties, corrosion and radiation resistance of hafnium rods on their structure, which are necessary to substantiate the use of the rods as part of Hf-B4C composite neutron absorber for VVER-1000 Reactor Control and Protection System with enhanced operation life operated without a protective cladding in the VVER-1000 core.

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