90 years of NSC KIPT‎

Kharkov Institute of physics and technology, established in 1928, is one of the oldest and largest centers of physical science in Ukraine. At the moment, NSC KIPT includes 5 institutions working in the field of solid state physics, high energy and nuclear physics, plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion, plasma electronics and new physical technologies.

An enlarged session of the Scientific and Technical Council of NSC KIPT dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Science Center was held on October 30. President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Borys Paton called Kharkov Center one of the flagships of physical science in Ukraine.

Nuclear power remains the focus of the practical application of research. NFC STE makes a significant contribution in this direction. Chief project engineer Akif Abdullayev was awarded a diploma for the successful implementation of the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Qualification Project.


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